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About the Show

Objectively Incowrecked is about boldly challenging conventional beliefs. My guests are allowed to speak their truth unapologetically. This show is all about freedom of expression, the type that creates the conversations that stay with you and challenge you.



That's what this show is all about, it's ok to disagree, it's ok to say "wow that's nonesense!" or "RUBBISH!" but it's also ok to laugh and learn something or take some of the points and adopt them to your own perspective. It's ok to be incowrecked; it's ok to change your mind.

The Host

Hi I'm Stephen and...

I Love talking to people. It always amazes me how much we grow and change based on the conversations we have and the stories we hear. I live and grew up in a small place surrounded by paradise and folks with Humongous hearts. St Kitts has shaped me as a person who believes in the power of balance in Life. Being a Photographer and Film maker puts me in places to meet people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. What I learn from them felt like it should be shared and thats why I decided that I needed to share my stories and the lessons and thoughts from my guests with the world. Who have a lot to share as well.

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