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Ask the who? Ask the Camera Guy

So, a few months ago the crazy folks at my company, Blue Torch Productions, started plans to create a web show about what we do here at the Torch: Solve problems and educate the public. Today marks the premiere of this web series. It's called ask the Camera Guy and instead of having a professional actor on set the production company got stuck with me. Check out the video down below:

Are you Excited? I am but I'm also Anxious.

Why are you nervous? because the Show is quirky and very different to what the public might be expecting.

ATCG is what we call a show based in Edutainment: Its educational but built to be a little goofy. I'm not so sure how the audience will take that level of goof (Ah Huk). And I think this is the anxiety that always comes with trying something different, so I'll just go with it and try to relax.

"Thank you all"

Some of you have reached out and have been so super supportive for the podcast so far and I just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart "Thank you all". The podcast is here to promote discussions and I feel from the response that it's already doing that. All I have to do now is try to take over the world (Muhahahaha). Super thanks to the Queen Mims for being my first guest and for pushing me to do the show even when I had my doubts at times.

"Wednesdays for Objectively Incowrecked and Thursdays are for ASK THE CAMERA GUY"

So Wednesdays are for OI and Thursdays ATCG from here on out so mark your calendars and strap in. We have some stronger and funnier content scheduled for the coming weeks. If you wanna give us some feedback (which we love) or if you have thoughts for topics - Click on the contact page and drop me a Line or two.

As usual,

"Peace no gang signs"

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