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The Beginning...

So the Podcast goes live tomorrow [Wednesday 10th October]. I can't begin to tell you what a rush to the finish line it's been getting the content together. Recording the show is fun but editing continues to be the time consuming vacuum of my existence, yes a little melodramatic I know but its the sitting down for 5 hours straight that gets you deep in your own head.

"Recording the show is fun..."

But, I am excited! There are so much things happening right now in my life and so much to do. Blue Torch Productions is starting a new web show, "Ask The Camera Guy", which is gonna be a wacky information based youtube channel and Instagram stream. We've put out a small trailer and people are hyped for it, which of course is making us anxious. That show Premieres on 11th October 2018. Beside that I'm going into the culinary industry as well with a humongous project that is a literal headfirst dive into the unknown.

"...just wrapped up our two week vacation in NYC..."

The little lady and I just wrapped up our two week vacation in NYC and man was that a culture shocking experience. She'll be my first guest, and I'm honoured to have someone to kick off the craziness with someone with as much passion as she has. She's a bit of a Fircracker so you have been warned. The very first podcast for Objectively Incowrecked will be based on our opinions of the big apple so you know, since you are here check that out.

At present I'm working on getting the podcast on the itunes Directory, so i'm crossing my fingers that that happens today so it can be in the launched tomorrow.

As Usual guys:

Peace no gang signs

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