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Where I Live

Straight up, I live in literally one of the most beautiful places on earth. The little twin island of St Kitts - Nevis is small in size but humongous in sheer size of heart. The people here are friendly and the views would take your breath away innumerable times. To vacation here is to never want to leave; to live here is to miss it whenever you do. With golden and dark sandy beaches; tucked away fishing bays in beautiful small seaside villages; mountains, forests and fresh rivers you just have to be here to take in all in. And trust me the most tasty food is usually a stones throw from where you stand. 

Our podcast is not limited to guests that are only residents here but I am most proud to have them record their thoughts, views and stories in such a paradise. You may not be able to see where we are but I can assure you the flowing waters and tropical atmosphere are ingrained in the words we use to express ourselves.

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